What Is A B-1 Visa?

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B-1: Temporary Business Visitor Visa

A B-1 Visa is available to those who will be engaging in business activities of a professional or commercial nature in the United States.


These business activities can include:

• Consulting with business associates

• Traveling for a scientific, educational, professional or business convention, or a conference on specific dates

• Settling an estate

• Negotiating a contract

• Participating in short-term training

• And more

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a B-1 Visa, you must demonstrate the following:

  • The purpose of your trip is to enter the United States for business of a legitimate nature

  • You plan to remain for a specific limited period of time

  • You have the funds to cover the expenses of the trip and your stay in the United States

  • You have a residence outside the United States which you have no intention of abandoning, as well as other binding ties which will ensure your return abroad at the end of the visit

  • You are otherwise admissible to the United States

For detailed information on eligibility, the application process, period of stay/extension and more, visit the USCIS website:


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The flexible B-1 Visa allows you entry into the United States for up to 6 months out of the year, for a period of up to 10 years


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