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The right choice for your immigration clients — or your clients that just want a high return on their investments.

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A Proven Track Record Of Success

NRIA is an extremely successful investment, management, and development firm that has a 13 year proven track record; currently we are the largest townhome developer in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more than a decade, NRIA has delivered and continues to build upon a history of exceptional performance as a vertically-integrated investment, management and development firm. We have extensive experience with full-service construction and complete renovation of planned unit townhomes, single-family luxury residences, condominiums, multifamily, and mixed-use rental developments strategically located in many of the most dynamic urban markets across the East Coast. Our team’s collective depth of knowledge within these specific markets continues to yield compelling opportunities across the real estate investment risk spectrums, usually located in EB-5 TEA areas.

We have opened a subsidiary company: NRIA EB-5 / B-1, LLC, for the purpose of promoting both the EB-5 Visa and the B-1 Visa programs to raise capital for our development projects, which ultimately helps us lower our construction costs and increase the profitability of our developments for our investors.


Strategy And Peace Of Mind

A few key facts that we’d like to share with you about our projects that make our EB-5 Visa platform extremely attractive to our investors:


Our projects are small to mid-size developments, all of which are easily built within a 4 to 5 year timeframe

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As the developer, we, National Realty Investment Advisors (NRIA), always have our own capital invested into our projects

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We don’t need EB-5 capital to close and build projects; we raise EB-5 capital to increase the profitability of our projects


The Programs In Detail

NRIA EB-5 / B-1 is promoting both the EB-5 Visa program and the B-1 Visa program here in the United States and also overseas in India, Dubai, Thailand and Brazil. Each year, the U.S. government allocates 10,000 visas for foreigners who invest through the EB-5 program; each country has a limit capped at 700 per country. The average processing time for an EB-5 application is approximately 18 to 24 months for approval, and about 6 to 9 months for processing the of green cards.


The EB-5 Visa program’s main focus is to promote U.S. job creation, and as of now in 2019 it allows an individual to invest $500,000 in Targeted Employment Areas, or TEAs. A TEA is either a high-unemployment area in a U.S. metropolitan region, or a rural area that is outside of a metropolitan area. The main goal of the investment is to create 10 jobs per investment. If the investment is in a non-TEA area, then it is increased to $1 million, and also must create 10 or more jobs.


The B-1 Visa program is for investors who don’t want a permanent green card but want to travel to the U.S. and get a high return on their investment; our B-1 Travel & Invest visa gives the investor exactly this. Under the program, non-immigrants who wish to visit the U.S. for business can obtain a B-1 visa to enter the United States for business and/or investment. Generally this visa is valid for 5–10 years and the holder gets the benefit of coming into the U.S. for 6 months every year, for up to 10 years, with unrestricted travel throughout the U.S.


The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

We would like to offer your clients the opportunity to invest in our projects through the EB-5 Visa program. If any of your clients do decide to invest, NRIA will contribute up to twenty thousand ($20,000) U.S. dollars towards their legal costs you are charging for your immigration services to helping them obtain a Green Card.

If any of your clients are not looking to acquire a Green Card, but are looking for a high and safe return on their investments in the United States, then the B-1 Travel & Investment Visa would be your investment platform of choice. With the B-1 Travel and Invest Visa Program, your clients have a corporate guarantee of a 12% return annually on their investments — but historically our funds have delivered an 18% to 21% targeted return depending on the amount of the investment.

Along with receiving a corporate guaranteed return, your clients also get the benefit of coming into the U.S. for 6 months every year over a 10-year period. Our private placement fund gives them the security of a guaranteed return and unrestricted accessibility to the United States.

If your client is looking for their “American Dream,” National Realty Investment Advisors will help them achieve it through either of the specialized investment programs below:

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Our EB-5 Visa program, which will fast-track their Green Card approval and give a 3% return while waiting for their conditional Green Card; and then a 6% return on the investment while they are waiting for their unconditional Green Card approval


Our B-1 Visa program, where your clients can enjoy visiting the U.S. for up to 10 years (up to 6 months every year) and invest in some of the highest demand and safest real estate projects in the United States, along with up to a targeted 21% ROI on their investment

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