Hoboken Heights

Countdown to a $1.3 Million EB-5 Price Increase on this luxury location! You can still get your Visa backed by this property for only $500,000 today!


In less than 100 days, or roughly fourteen weeks, the EB-5 Visa minimum investment amount on this high-end, stellar property increases from $500,000 to $1,800,000!


Under new government maps, very valuable locations like this one jump to $1.8 Million in price very soon. This change comes as part of the new EB-5 regulations set to go into effect on November 21, 2019 on wealthy neighborhood properties. This is your opportunity to invest at incredible savings for your Visa, while owning this prime realty, luxury Hoboken Heights Building at only $500K per family Visa.


But You Must Act Now!


 Hoboken Heights: A 55-Unit Luxury Building


 An EB-5 Approved Project


Fifteen (15) EB-5 Investor Slots Open

Green Card Approval Within 2–5 Years

6% Annualized Return Paid To You Monthly from Day One

$50,000 Flat Admin Fee*

Deal Direct with the Developer

Fully Approved and Owned Property Right Now—And We’re Constructing!


 Benefits Of Applying Now


Save $1.3M and get a luxury investment property backing you for just $500,000 for your Visa

Avoid problems that will inevitably arise due to the industry rule changes that continue to happen

Your investment at Hoboken Heights Complex is located in a low-risk area, hence its price jump to $1.8M after November 22nd

Lock in and secure an earlier Visa priority date, for both you and your family

Avoid issues of trying to transfer the larger amount of $1.8M to the U.S. from your home country later

Avoid the additional source of funds evidence that may be required to show larger funds later in the process


Ready To Get Started?

The savings on this valuable property of $1.3M for your Visa is almost a “steal.” You only have 3 months left to get this deal at only $500,000, while you lock in an earlier Visa priority date — so apply right now!


Attorneys are standing by, simply call 201-210-2727 to start the process or get your questions answered!

Be sure to download our free "10 Ways to Take the Risk Out of EB-5 Investing" Brochure! Just click below:

*Fast signups may reduce this amount — talk to your PM!

File your EB-5 Form I-526, Immigrant Petition before the deadline and you will  lock in the $500k investment level and be grandfathered into the program under current rules and low costs. This wealthy property neighborhood jumps to a $1.8M EB-5 Visa price on November 22, 2019, so you must get in as soon as possible as it takes two weeks for top legal counsel available to file for you.

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