Want to earn up to a 21% return on real estate investments?

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Travel and Invest:
Live the American dream as part of your business!


With the NRIA B-1 Invest and Travel Visa, you can visit the U.S. and obtain some of the highest, safest returns on Real Estate Investments in New York!


Our mid-sized luxury apartment and condominium buildings are in the best and highest-demand neighborhoods in New York City!


Want to travel to the U.S. and see proof of your investments? Our knowledgeable B-1 Invest and Travel team will show you how!


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More Visa Options

Looking for a fast track to a permanent Green Card plus a safe haven for investing? NRIA EB-5 is a leading authority helping you obtain U.S. citizenship through our EB-5 Visa program.


Investment Opportunities

NRIA has amassed more than a decade of exceptional results for international investors and prime sought-after properties in the best, highest-demand neighborhoods on the East Coast.