A Summary of EB-5  

The EB-5 Visa is a worthwhile proposition with life-changing results:

When a foreign investor invests $500,000 (plus processing, attorney and UCSIS fees) in a qualified targeted employment area (known as a “TEA” in the United States) that creates 10 jobs in two years, the reward is permanent resident status (or a “green card”) in the U.S. for the investor and all immediate family members. NRIA EB-5 simplifies the Visa process by referring you to a top EB-5 legal attorney to handle all the intricate details of the application process while we handle a proven real estate project for you!

Time Is Running Out


The current minimum investment requirement of $500,000 (plus fees) is set to nearly double to $900,000 on November 21, 2019.

Act now while you still have time!


The East Coast’s Best Choice for EB-5 Visas

NRIA is the East Coast expert in Real Estate Development & EB-5 Investment.

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Extensive Real estate Experience

For over a decade, NRIA has delivered and continues to build upon a history of exceptional performance as a vertically-integrated real estate investment, management, and development firm. 

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Exceptional eb-5 Opportunities

It is our history of exceptional returns to our investors that continues to support a growing investor base and has laid a solid foundation that enables us to best serve the international market.


Planning Your EB-5 Investment

You want to invest in the safest real estate market in the world, with a strong history of steady-growth and high demand: The New York Metro area and New Jersey Gold Coast!  New York area realty is the respected safe haven of the world's most prominent owners & investors. It's secure, it's highly desired, and with NRIA’s target employment area (TEA) projects, it backs your EB-5 Visa investment. 

NRIA stands behind every EB-5 Visa investment with this promise: you will have only the safest high grade real estate project backing your investment with experienced professional management! If your visa status changes out of EB5, for example from single to “married,” we can move your investment to a new offering with a higher return.


NRIA's EB-5 Projects

Invest in Secure, New York Metro Area Real Estate

NRIA knows the ins and outs of developing successful, sought-after properties that are prime opportunities for EB-5 investors. We have more than $800 Million in Real Estate under our management umbrella with a 12-year proven track record of successful development. Our experienced team uses their extensive knowledge to manage safe and successful EB-5 properties. And our experienced team now takes that knowledge base to our super prime safe location EB-5 properties!

Security & Protection Strategies

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As a qualified candidate, your I-526 petition will be vetted by top legal counsel before acceptance to ensure your application’s success!

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Fully Committed

Investments are moving forward, already under construction or have arrangements to ensure construction will begin and completed.

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All NRIA investment properties go through very strict feasibility and thorough review by outside banking and appraisal firms for safety, investment returns, margins, risk control, and contingency budgets so that if NRIA EB-5 and your legal counsel accepts your EB-5 Visa application into our program you are assured success.

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Construction Completion

We require construction completion on all projects to ensure proper delivery of the project.

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Job Creation (Indirect)

Construction and indirect job creation alone meet 100% of the
EB-5 visa criteria on each of our projects and are economist certified.

Worldwide Locations

NRIA EB-5 services are global!

To best assist you, we currently have offices in the following areas:


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A Helping Hand.

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Helping Dreams Come True

NRIA is proud to say that it has earned the trust of thousands of buyers and renters over the last 12 years of its highly successful development projects, without complaint - which is no small feat.  As an EB-5 investor it’s great to know that a company with such an extensive track record of safety and success is managing your investment!

Believing in the American Dream is as strong today as it was 100-plus years ago. NRIA’s projects are specially created to offer an obstacle-free path to successful immigration. We are helping make dreams come true for entrepreneurs and investors from all corners of the globe.

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